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September 23, 2009


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I have learned over the last five or six years to not get steamed up by other drivers. I can tell how well I've achieved this level of passivity by being a passenger with others here in the west. I can hear them shout and watch them gesticulate madly. Meanwhile, I'm sitting there without moving a muscle. Believe me, this took a long time. My attitude is that I don't want to let someone else rule my life. It's a matter of self-preservation. I don't believe for a moment I'm perfect but my relatively passive reaction seems to work for me most of the time.

The potential weakness in my statements above is that I haven't proved my mettle on Thai roads. I somehow don't think it's going to go well, after reading your tips and watching the activities on Thailand's streets. Yikes!

Ben, driving in the LOS has changed my life and the way I react to other situations as well, It has also sharpened my reaction time I am a lot as they say in the ole West "quicker on the draw " than I use to be and I pay a lot more attention to what I'm doing when driving in Thailand,( I have never used my mirrors as much as I do here) because they are all crazy as for as I'm concern the only one that does it right is ME ha ha . and I've used a few of the tricks at police stops too, but normally I just roll down the window and let Ciejay do all the crying (I mean talking) and most of the time we're on our way , I just give the Dumb farang look. Thanks for the post and I would add that the thing that gets my blood pressure up for sure and scares the s--t out of me at the same time , is driving in the LOS. Malcolm

I only have 1 rule for driving in Thailand.

1. Avoid driving in Thailand at all cost.

I drive when I'm up country because the traffic isn't bad but the Thai driving is just as bad if not worse.

I would never ride a motorcycle in Thailand. My girl just spent a week in the hospital after she got hit by another motorcycle. They were the only traffic on the road at the time.

Hi Rick,. I agree, passiveness whilst driving is the way forward, if you could bottle that, you'd be a millionaire.. Driving in Thailand can at times be a joy, I've had some great times, on the open road, loud music, great countryside .... Fantastic when you're out of the city.

Malcolm, LOL, you have to be quicker on the draw definitely. Eyes in the back of your head. The dumb farang look is also a feasible option, glad you included it for me.

Talen - I agree with motorcycling, Sutiya never uses one thankfully and I would never dream of letting future kids use one .. Perhaps a naieve statement whilst we live here in Thailand, but to me they are simply too dangerous.

A lot of really good tips in this blog. Especially the one about you not being a good driver. :p

Here are some great tips! Thanks for sharing.

Driving in Thailand is dangerous...

Thanks Chris, I hope you are enjoying your latest tour of Thailand!

Wotchit - You seem to forget, I have witnessed your own 'hill billy' driving - Come to think of it, you would fit right in our here!

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