The return on the slot machines is computer-prescribed. It is limited to the ‘luck’ of winning or losing slots. Make sure you place your bets accordingly. Take advantage of the perks and the advice to find fairly loose machines. Otherwise, you will lose.

We accept many outcomes. We are not just playing games of chance but also taking on another large gamble. The odds are no less daunting than those in Casino gambling. No pun intended. The comparison lies in our choice of a comfortable, spiritual, and beneficial zone or the denial that there is any supernatural existence. The ‘chance’ of getting a job depends on whether you are Judaic or Christian, Islamic or a doubting Thomas. This is similar to playing the slot machines. However, it’s possible to evaluate your luck in this regard. All we have to do is find the winning proposition.

It is not fair to compare religious ethos and questionable ethics like gambling.

Accepting the differences in religious practices and their disregard for established rules of engagement is possible, one can then wonder about the benefits or outcomes in discipline assurances. It is difficult to understand a subject obscured by numbers, symbols, or any other unspecific language. However, the problem is not impossible.

It is easy to understand the slots: First, they are computer-programmed to profit. Second, they must have a winning or losing cycle to motivate bettors and still guarantee profit for the Casino. Third, some machines pay less than others. Fourth, every winning slot cycle is followed by another losing one. Recognize the signs. Most players leave the Casino as winners. You can quit as a winner.

The other chance is often abused:

  • First, any belief in spirituality is only within the mind.
  • Second, Daniel limits monotheism to Ten Ages. If one doesn’t know the chronological schedule, it is easy to become disillusioned and fall for false beliefs.
  • Third, Ezekiel recommends a strict limit on the benefit to Noah, Daniel, Job, and others.
  • Fourth, according to the statements of Paul and Jesus, a time limit was set in the Last Age. It was closing in A.D.68.

These facts should be used to motivate thinkers to reconsider the monotheism incentive.

These conclusions will convince you to still gamble. If so, take a spin on the slot machines or gamble with your faith. Which set of rules and inescapable facts will you choose as an advantage in these highly contested gambling games? The syllogistic expressions that have been compiled over fifteen years of hard work are not to be lost.